When a 12 year old boy goes camping in Ireland with his boy scout troop and gets trapped in a faerie forest his whole world turns into a fiasco. Carl O’Conner does not believe in faeries. But oddly enough, the faeries in Sparkling Forest don’t believe in humans either! They think the boy is just part of their creative imagination. The faeries don’t think Carl is real and have no interest in having him leave, so will he ever get back to camp? When the boy meets a faerie named Freckleteen, he’s in for a mind bending ride from which he may never return.

One bite of a crisp apple and a slice of cheddar are perfect companions to begin my story. I offer you the first taste … Quite by surprise, some years back, I discovered a realm of mystical creatures. They hesitated in allowing me to weave their secrets onto these pages. That being said, they now informed me: ‘We’re ready.’

These mystical creatures dwell within Sparkling Emerald Forest, in Forget-Me-Not Ireland. Their awareness of life is one that our species has barely considered. One of them in particular is quite curious about humans and has guided me through a place which contains invisible doorways leading into magnificent kingdoms. I’m told it is rare that people cross this threshold, yet it is possible. Here is part of why they have shared … and if this holds your interest they will reveal more.

This type of light-form had never seen a real human, much less related to one. So they were astounded when a twelve year old, camping with his Boy Scout troop, tricked his way into their realm. He seemed to have an extraordinary ability to connect with his potential power. Their vibratory spectrum spoke to this boy in ways that would seem impossible to our way of thinking. Now, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll share some perspective of how it all began.

On this morning, spring leaves of majestic trees flickered through dappled sunlight. The singing wings of insects flashed hypnotic patterns in the air. A sudden breeze whooshed through the woods and I was directly aware of something, unfolding an unusual journey …

Juliana Ashe, Author




Sparkling forest is where you will find faeries unlike any other. Located in Forget-me-not Ireland, few folks know about this unusual place. To say that it is magical is actually an understatement. The microcosmic morph-able spectrum known as Sparkling Forest, shrinks things that enter it’s space. The unusual trees in the forest are a clue to the ancient wisdom of the wood, though that aspect of the story will unfold as the books continue.

It seems that the human element actually changes and amplifies the way that mysterious happenings unfold. A surprising mix of animals and spirit guides as well as the legendary enchanters known as faeries have been completely invisible in Sparkling Forest, until now. The faeries have assumed people are merely an odd form of fantasy entertainment, and although humans rarely enter their realm, there is the possibility of seeing this mostly invisible reality, if one can find the secret passageway. When a twelve year old boy shows up there unexpectedly, everyone’s beliefs are turned upside-down.

Nana Gordengrinkle Godmother has informed the wee folk that humans are nonsense and are only a figment of their creative imagination. She has warned them that entertaining the notion people are real, could be dangerous. A faerie named Freckleteen is overwhelmed with curiosity. She must find out for herself if humans are just a people-tale and her brave choice changes Sparkling Forest forever.