“Two years passed since Carl O’Conner discovered Sparkling Forest. Where Carl lives, in Mt. Shasta California, people are open to mysticism, magic and mystery, yet faeries, witches and animal spirit guides are regarded mostly as fantasy. He chooses not to speak to anyone about his experience, not even Paul.

Juliana Ashe, Author

Adventure Beyond Human - Bird Brains

Sparkling Forest has gone through many changes. It seems Carl left behind an energetic patterning of his vibration that the faeries use to expand their reality in interesting ways. A certain sport, for instance, becomes a hilarious side show.

Carl plans to build a tree house in his back yard with his friend Paul but his father wants to take it down. Bad timing. Carl has discovered another magical realm of creatures that live in that tree!

Carl visits his grandmother at her metaphysical book store for answers to his past. A Dream card reading takes Carl deeper. He finds some old family writings that become a treasure trove of mysterious information, some of which indicate that the writer knew about Sparkling Forest generations before Carl did!

The wacky birds in the backyard tree have a genius plan to keep their home in place. With some coaxing, they choose to go east for the winter to Ireland and Carl hitches a ride.

Aggressive creatures on the border of Sparkling Forest capture Carl and it takes over a month before divine intervention from the faeries is enacted, but in doing so they put their reality in grave danger.

An intention to use Hollow and Rabberta’s magical tree house as a gateway puts Carl and Auraya in touch with their aspects Miera and Orion on other planets. The two older teens spice things up when they visit Earth.

Bird Brains is the second book in the series Adventure Beyond Human which takes Carl and Auraya to unimaginable new heights.

Hello Little Dragon

Freckleteen with Dragon
“Well hello little dragon … What are you doing here?”
“Don’t you remember who I am?”
“Right at the moment, I can’t say that I do,” said Auraya. “Don’t worry, it’ll come to me. What can I do for you?”
“You must remember. I’m Carl’s dragon. He needs your help.”
“Who’s Carl?”

In book 2, something has happened which may forever alter the relationship between humans and faeries. Auraya needs Carl’s assistance for a dramatic shift to take place in Sparkling Forest. But how can they work together if she does not remember him? Even more, Carl has forgotten her as well…. Fert and Stinkletoes have a master plan for a grand invention. They risk complete obliteration to put the plan in play, but it may have come too late.