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Thank you for visiting my website! Allow curiosity to be your guide. Check out the first book in my series ADVENTURE BEYOND HUMAN — Into Sparkling Forest, as well as sneak previews for books 2 and 3. There will be 7 books in the series. I am currently writing book 2 which should be out in early 2018. The first book is available in many formats including full color or black and white pictures. You may purchase my books through Look for signing dates on Juliana Ashe or email me @


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What lies in store for those who enter Sparkling Forest? What else or who else lives there besides faeries? Click on the spheres to find out more about this grand adventure!



Boys rarely believe in faeries. So how could a Boy Scout use a faerie realm as a rite of passage? Consider this: Perhaps faeries believe humans are imaginary. It’s time to bridge the gap.

Freckleteen Faeriefarkle, a Sparkling Faerie living in Sparkling Emerald Forest, believes people tales could be real and yearns to meet a human. But she is told by her superior, Godmother Gordengrinkle, humans don’t exist. When Freckleteen sees two boys in a campground she is certain they are more than an illusion.

Carl O’Conner, on a trip to Ireland with his Boy Scout Troop, never intended to enter a forest filled with faeries—far from it. He and his friend Paul find a magic kit which provides the perfect opportunity for Freckleteen and her brother Ahtian to spy on the boys. The trick is on Carl when through a bizarre turn of events, he disappears from the campground. This macho boy does not believe in faeries or magic and when he meets Freckleteen, he’s in for a whopping reality check....

Into Sparkling Forest is the first book in the series: ADVENTURE BEYOND HUMAN. This story soars far beyond faerie, and as Carl expands the potential of human nature, Faerie-Stepping-Stones lead the way.

Into Sparkling Forest


Check our a synopsis of our first 6 chapters.
Chapter 1
Into Sparkling Forest
Chapter 2
Into Sparkling Forest
Chapter 3
Into Sparkling Forest
Chapter 4
Into Sparkling Forest
Chapter 5
Into Sparkling Forest
Chapter 6
Into Sparkling Forest


We hope you enjoy this collection of faerie favorite recipes, for unique and delicious dishes.


Feeling out of sorts? Even Sparkling Faeries feel a bit frustrated from time to time. These steps helped Freckleteen turn around a bad mood. Sometimes it is a process though. It would be nice if we could change our response patterns to situations that irritate us but the faeries say it takes practice and the desire to choose to feel differently. The faeries taught me that taking few deep breaths can really help.

  • Faerie Stepping Stones are short cuts to feeling better.

    Juliana C. Ashe

  • Notice how I feel in this moment—allow the emotion to arise.

    Juliana C. Ashe

  • It is okay to feel and express these emotions, and also be aware my feelings can shift.

    Juliana C. Ashe

  • I will now shift and change this emotion by breathing deep and slow. I breathe in uplifting, clear, clean energy. I breathe out and dissolve the upset toxic energy.

    Juliana C. Ashe

  • I continue to breathe calmly and drop my awareness down into my heart—notice how I feel now.

    Juliana C. Ashe

Monday, October 27th 2014



ello! I'm so glad you took an interest in Adventure Beyond Human. The first book in my Middle grade to Young adult Fantasy Series is 'Into Sparkling Forest' and there will be 7 books in this series. I wanted to let readers know that there are several formats for my book. One can purchase it in the kindle format with color illustrations. You can also purchase this book in a 6" x 9" size with black and white illustrations or the one with full color illustrations. There is also a 5" x 7" which is close to the usual paperback size and has black and white illustrations. Please know that print on demand (POD) is a very expensive way to print books rather than thousands at a time like they do for large publishing companies, so the color illustrated book is pricey but I think you will enjoy having the color pictures if you choose that one. Black and white illustrations look great too ... small picture at top of each of 38 chapters.

I used Create Space to self publish and it was a labor of love to put this book together. The team at Create Space was quite helpful in the publishing process. I will continue to publish my books through them. The quality of printing and the cover as well as the pictures are terrific and my first book is available on Amazon.

I soooo enjoyed writing this middle grade to young adult book and am now writing the second which should be out in the fall or winter of 2015. ADVENTURE BEYOND HUMAN appeals to adults as well, and I will say that for those boys who might not want to read a faerie story, there are a lot more creatures and fantastical elements to this storyline than you might think. The faeries are sharing their way of expanding awareness which will unfold throughout the series. They feel that the WAY that we think as humans is only one way to use thought. Sparkling Faeries have a unique view of life that is all inclusive. They can move into many realms we are unfamiliar with by expanding or contracting their energy, their frequency spectrum and their light. They seem quite open to share their form of consciousness.


o people say, "This is a fantasy series but you actually think faeries are real?" Yes. I do. I have seen the Sparklings since I was a child. They exist within the mostly unseen, subtle auric field of vibratory possibilities and would be considered electromagnetic. As we know, everything from the cells and atoms in our bodies to the expansive nature of quantum physics cannot be seen with the naked eye, but are nevertheless, considered real.... This series is far reaching. I hope you enjoy it. May all your journeys be GRAND ADVENTURES!


About the Author

I grew up with parents that were a writer photographer team. They traveled throughout California and Arizona writing nature articles and taking pictures. The beauty of raw nature is enlivening. I love animals and long walks in the mountains, beaches and desert. Connecting with faeries has been a lifelong passion. I love to paint and draw and have spent much time with art projects of one kind or another, although now I am focusing my creativity into writing.

I have been writing fantasy stories since I was a teenager and have also written screen plays. Music seems to flow through me naturally so in my first book there are many short songs included that the faeries sing.... I live in Tucson Arizona and enjoy walking in Sabino Canyon. The monsoon season is particularly magical in the desert.

I look forward to the journey with all of you who read my books.


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