In Book 1, Sparkling Forest seems to hold the key to Carl’s magical experiences but Carl is not yet aware that the human element sparked the faerie’s world as much as their world animated his. Will the relationship between faerie and human grow stronger, or will Carl’s insistence on controlling things ultimately be his downfall? The boy may have opened himself up to more than faeries and nature spirits when he entered their territory.Over time, he could discover as much about his own living legacy, as anything or anyone he might engage in the forest. Carl has a confusing past and the forest holds answers to questions he never knew he had. A quick witted faerie named Freckleteen, stirs up his tough boy exterior.

In book 1, we see that Finnagaroon is no ordinary dragon. Carl does not remember him but the dragon remembers Carl. This could make things complicated if one needed to leave a castle. Finnagaroon appears to Auraya in Book 2 ‘Bird Brains’ and asks for her help. But she does not remember Finny and even worse she has no memory of Carl having ever been in Sparkling Forest.

Shoebill Bird: What is a bird who’s natural habitat is East Africa, doing in Ireland? Book 2 ‘Bird Brains’ is full of surprises even the birds did not see coming.

Book 3: ‘Back to Future Island’ holds unusual keys in it’s sparkling waters to Carl’s connection with mysticism, magic and mystery. When he meets a Druid named Aswan in a mysterious tower, the Druid priest tells Carl he must visit the Notherworld of the Bloodreaders. He will need Auraya’s help to get there, but where is she?